Government: Independent, Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy; Elections held every 5 years

Official Name: Saint Lucia

Head of Government: Hon. Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

Total Area: Sq. miles 238/ sq. km 616

Habitable Area: Sq. miles 207.9/ sq. km 539.1

Capital City: Castries

Official Language: English

Local Language: French Creole

Standard Time Zone: EST+1, GMT-4

Calling Code: 758

Temperature: 28° C/82° F on average year round

Airports/Airport Codes: Hewanorra International (UVF), G.F.L Charles Airport (SLU)

Major Seaports: Port Castries and Port Vieux Fort

Electrical Standard:

Voltage -220/240V

Frequency 50Hz

PLUG – G (United Kingdom plug)

Average Cost of Electricity US$:

Domestic- $0.305/KW

Commercial- $0.291/KW

Industrial- $0.291/KW

Water Rates US$:

Domestic$4.50 (per first 3000 gallons)

Commercial/Industry $12.31(per gallons)

Telecommunications Providers: FLOW, DIGICEL

Tertiary Education: 7 Learning Tertiary Institutions

Travel Time (direct): UK and other Europe-8 hours, North America-avg. 5 hours

Population: 174,257 (2015)pre

Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic (61% of population)

Annual Population Growth Rate: 0.9% (2015)

Population Density per Sq. ml: 838.1 (2015)

Life Expectancy: 75 Years

Literacy Rate: 72.8% (2010 Census)

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