Press Release

Oct. 9th 2018

Hon. Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, Hon. Minister Guy Joseph and delegation meets Saint Lucian students at a reception held at the Embassy of Saint Lucia

On Sunday 7th, October 2018 a reception of Saint Lucian Nationals warmly welcomed Hon. Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, Hon. Minister Guy Joseph and a delegation team at the diplomatic compound in Taiwan. Ambassadors of allied countries from the Caribbean and Central America including; Belize, Haiti, St.Kitts, Guatemala, Honduras and government officials were also in attendance.

Socializing over refreshments, students introduced themselves and shared their scholastic and professional aspirations and achievements with the honored guests. The President of the Association of Saint Lucian students in Taiwan, Montelle Felix, gave the opening remarks to honor the guests.

The Prime minister then gave a stirring speech filled with words of wisdom, his vision for St Lucia, and encouragement to the trailblazing professionals and students learning and training in Taiwan. Quoting J.F. Kennedy, Minister Chastanet urged the students to “Ask not, what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” as they aim for excellence and the skill set necessary to compete on a global scale. Ahead of the great changes coming to St Lucia, he told students to use their opportunities to distinguish themselves, and return as the best not only in St. Lucia but in the world.

Hon. Guy Joseph also gave an inspiring speech, advising students to maximize each opportunity to learn and become skillful in their field. Students took heed as he spoke of the advantages of studying in Taiwan’s world-class health care system, assuring students that the government is working diligently to reform Saint Lucia’s healthcare system. The minister shared his hopes that graduates would return home to a system that mirrored the excellence of the one in which they were trained.

One past student, Mara St. Clair, Business Development Engineer at ACE Geosynthetics who was also present at the reception says, “The Hon. Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and the Hon. Minister Guy Joseph very clearly expressed their visions for the future development of Saint Lucia. They spoke words of encouragement to both Saint Lucian students and labourers in Taiwan alike, to continue to cultivate self-sufficiency in order to lead various new industry courses in addition to being the best representatives of our people while on our missions here, as we are also ambassadors. Our efforts and impressions on our neighbors shape the view of the world on the work ethic, talent and power of Saint Lucia”.

Before departing, everyone gathered for a family photo; a momento of a well spent evening. The students and graduates left the hall with renewed spirits knowing that their government and countrymen supports them as they continue to strive for excellence.