Saint Lucia was in 2015 identified as one of the countries outside the United States, where companies are most likely to locate to in five to ten years’ time. Site Selection Magazine, in 2015, cited ‘political and economic stability; an industrious, well-educated workforce; and quality infrastructure’ as some of the considerations for investing in Saint Lucia over other similarly endowed countries. Saint Lucia has comparative advantages in the areas of regulation; starting a business; market access; incentives; transportation; infrastructure and quality of life, and has been ranked as the second freest economy in the Caribbean based on the Economic Freedom Index of 2016.


As part of its new thrust towards a more informed and professional approach to investment attraction and given its demonstrated success in those areas, Saint Lucia, through the efforts of its Investment Promotion Agency, is focused on investments in three key sectors, namely niche tourism, special niche manufacturing and infrastructure development.

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